December | Clearly Kelly Planner Stamps

Let’s talk planning.


I never thought I’d get into the planner craze despite the fact that I’ve always liked keeping and maintaining a planner. I’ve always been big into lists, so in retrospect, I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised. I don’t go too crazy in my planner – I mostly do some stamping here and there just to make it more aesthetically pleasing and so that I remember things better.

I’m currently using a Mead Cambridge planner but I’ll be switching to the GTWB in January.

This is what my December looks like so far. I’m using a bunch of the Clearly Kelly planner stamps which you can check out in her shop. For my monthly calendar, I’ve used the TV Planner set to note every time ABC Family is showing The Santa Clause or Elf during their 25 Days of Christmas schedule. Because they’re my favorites (if you couldn’t tell).

I’ve also used the Special Occassion Planner set to make not of the holidays (and my birthday!).

Here, I’m showing you my weekly format. Again, the TV Planner set is a staple for me because I watch too much TV and really need to keep track of it. Right now, I’m a Boy Meets World kick.


2 thoughts on “December | Clearly Kelly Planner Stamps

  1. Kaitlyn Warboy says:

    I juli! this is my comment for the giveaway, btw! if seen so many people getting totally into the planner thing too and I've been wary of committing to that! I'm so glad you don't get too crazy. I feel like now it can be a more realistic goal to help me “plan”? and list better, if listing is a thing. I LOVE all of these products, thanks for sharing!


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