January Favorites

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Today I’m sharing my favorites for January.

First of all, it’s absolutely absurd that January is basically over but I’m also okay with that because that means we’re one step closer to warmer weather. If it never snows again this winter, I’ll be perfectly content.

1.) Studio Calico Arendal Documenter Kit
I’ve used this kit so much more than I thought I would when I first got it. I liked it fine when I got it in the mail. Of course, I pointed out my favorite black and white cards and worked it into my stash. But I’ve found myself coming back to the kit and working exclusively from it this month. The last time I loved a kit that much was last year’s Carolina Moon kit and I was absolutely obsessed with it. This month’s kit gets an A+ from me.

2.) Kelly Purkey’s Metropolitan Ave Alphabet Stamp Set
Again, this is another product I’ve found myself coming back to since I received it last month. It’s really versatile and the clean font works with pretty much everything. As usual, KP’s stamp quality is top notch, so there are no complaints on that front.

3.) Get To Work Book
I love my planner. I love being organized. I love that this is a no frills planner. Paper quality is great and none of my stamping or writing bleeds through. It’s big and it’s heavy, but I really love the weight and how much room I have to scribble notes down. Unfortunately, Elise is all sold out of the 2016 version so if you weren’t able to grab one, I am truly sorry for your loss because I love this thing.

4.) Studio Calico Pouches
I’m constantly looking to reorganize my workspace and make things more efficient because I don’t have all the time in the world to rummage through all of my supplies. I decided to start using the pouches for storage and I’m never not gonna use them like this again. I’m currently using three – one for my Clearly Kelly Planner Products, one for my embellishments (word stickers, washi sheets, etc), and one for all my scraps. They fit nicely in my IKEA Expedit shelves next to my 6×6 paper pads.

5.) Fuji Film Instax Share
I’ve wanted this for so long and it lived up to the hype. Works best with photos that haven’t been edited. It prints suuuuper quickly which is great because I’m impatient af. I love the look of washed out polaroids and instax photos so this thing is my new best friend.


Process Video | Happy 24th


I’ve been so, so, so excited to start putting together my 2016 album. I feel like I’ve said that about 349,857,394 times, but it hasn’t gotten any less true. And with my excitement comes the motivation to share. So along with my weekly process videos, which you can find over here, I’m going to try to share the detailed shots on my blog – especially for those of you who aren’t really into the whole process video thing.


Earlier this month, I celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday. It was super low key since life is busy and sometimes it’s just the little things that count. We played some video games before we grabbed dinner at Tori Ramen & Chicken. It was his first time going and I knew he was going to love the wings. Dreaming about them as I type, tbh.


I put this layout together with the Studio Calico Arendal Documenter Kit along with some random cards from other kits (I’m gonna take a guess and say the balloon card is from Far, Far Away and the middle card is from Wink, Wink). I drew a lot of the colors from the food. So, thanks to that lovely bowl of ramen, you’ll see the greens and yellows repeated throughout the page.

Don’t forget to check out the process video below!