I’m sharing some of my Clearly Kelly projects today! (Ha ha today ^ get it? okay. bye.)


This month, Kelly released a bunch of new Clearly Kelly products. Lots of planner products (which you’ll see down below) and a bunch of Stamp & Cut sets, as well. I’ve been working on my Jonas Adventures album, albeit very slowly. I think part of me really wants to take my time with this album and savor it because when I get nostalgic I get all weird and sentimental and everything takes so much longer to finish. ANYWAY. I used the Twenty Sixteen Stamp & Cut set and the Label Stamp & Cut set for the today embellishment on the left lower corner. I stamped using Staz On.


I also used the Adventure Planner set for a bunch of little details like this label for the date and the camera in the upper right hand corner. I love tiny stamps and these planner stamps work great for pocket pages.


I’ve been LOVING the new planner stamps. I’ve been waiting for a Fitness Planner, and KP delivered.


I’ve also been using her Alpha Tabs Stamp & Cut set. This tiny alpha works great for planners and also pocket pages (I used it in the layout above as well). Honestly, I’ve used so many of her planner stamps on this week that I don’t even remember which ones I used lol whoops. There’s bits of the Shopping Planner set as well. Honestly, you should just go ahead and order the bundle, because all the sets are really versatile and fantastic quality.



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